SINCE 2014

as of 12/31/2018

The above amount is what the banks did NOT get


Missed Payments

It happens. Life gets too overwhelming. We get it. No need to get into details and relive the nightmare. 

Calls and Debt Collectors

By this point, you are ready to change your phone number and not want to talk to anyone.

Notice of Default

A Notice of Default is recorded stating there is approximately 90 days until there is a sale date set to sell your home.


You have a few options. Know them. Call Joe and find these out. No pressure to sell. Period.

Don't Wait Too Long

Waiting too long could impact your chances of saving your home from foreclosure. Don't be another victim from waiting last minute.

Notice of Trustee's Sale

By this point; the chances of saving your home from foreclosure are very slim. A sale date has been officially set and your house may be up for auction in less than 20 days.


Joe P. Perez & Associates is not a licensed ATTORNEY. We will not give legal advice when it comes to Foreclosure matters. We will provide necessary advice to attempt to avoid foreclosure by means of explaining all available options with no pressure to sell your home. Not all homes can be saved from foreclosure. This depends on your sole cooperation throughout this process

For legal advice; please consult an attorney within their respective field of law.